Steering Committee Documents

All you need to know about IATI Steering Committee meetings, including minutes, agendas, papers and reports. Check the Steering Committee Archive for older documents.



Steering Committee Meetings, 15-16 October 2014, Copenhagen

A full list of participants is available here. Meeting minutes are available here.

The agendas and all papers for the Partner Country caucus and Steering Committee meetings are all available in a single online ISSUU document. Individual papers and available presentations may also be downloaded below.


Paper #NameAnnex(es)
1.Steering Committee Agenda
2.Partner Country Caucus Draft AgendaAnnex A - Draft guide on the use of IATI data in country systems
3.Budget narrative Y1-Y2 and Workplan Y2 FY14/15Annex A – Income Y1
Annex B – Certified Financial Statement December 2013
Annex C – Interim Financial Statement August 2014
4.Proposals on membership and observer status
5.Future funding options and fundraising strategyAnnex A – Potential options for incentivising voluntary contributions
6.Best practice for IATI reporting by DFIs and IFIs – with Annex
7.Proposal for an Evaluation Working Group
8.Proposed Technical Workshop on integrating South-South and technical cooperation into the IATI Standard
9.The GPEDC Transparency IndicatorAnnex A - IATI proposal on methodology review
Annex B - DCD Discussion Paper
10.Proposed Changes to the IATI Standard: Version 2.01


  1. The Use of IATI Data in Country Systems
  2. Transparency Beyond Mexico – OECD
  3. Preliminary Findings of USAID Aid Transparency Study
  4. Les conclusions de l’assistance de DG dans le processus d’échange automatique des données IATI
  5. DAD-Rwanda, IATI Integration
  6. IATI – Outreach
  7. Planned Evaluation of IATI (Steering Committee)
  8. Planned Evaluation of IATI (Partner Country Caucus)
  9. Update on Monitoring
  10. Workplan and Budget (Paper 3A, 3B)
  11. Session F: IATI financial update, funding model and fundraising
  12. MapAfrica
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