There are two core outputs required to comply with the IATI standard:

1)      Publishing an Implementation Schedule to outline details of publication

2)      Publishing IATI-compliant data.

There are typically five steps to achieve this with many organisations in different stages of the process at any one time.

If you are considering publishing, have a look at our ‘Practical Steps to Implementation’ page. This page sets out the detail beneath the five steps, ranging from who you should get involved internally to pushing publish.

If you are interested in who has published to date and what they intend to publish over time, go to ‘The Story So Far’ for an interactive timeline linking to points of interest from a political process and publishing perspective.

If you need help to implement, get in touch with our support team with your questions.

If you would like to view other implementation schedules go to Published Implementation Schedules – on this page you will also find a downloadable summary of which signatories have published to IATI and when, as well as links to IATI and common standard implementation schedules.

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