IATI at Busan

The 4th High Level Forum on aid effectiveness took place in Busan, South Korea, in November 2011.

On 1st December the final version of Busan Outcome Document was released. This document, entitled ‘Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation’  outlines three important results for aid transparency situated with the aid effectiveness arena. To learn more, read the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation.

We put together an information pack on IATI to distribute at the Forum. You can find electronic versions of all documents contained within the packs on this page. All documents were available in English, with most documents also available in French and Spanish.


Supporting aid transparency

Improving countries’ access to and use of aid information

IATI Delivering at National Level

IATI progress report for HLF4, November 2011

Mapping IATI to the Accra Agenda for Action

The relationship between IATI and the DAC Creditor Reporting System


Soutenir la transparence

Contrôler l’impact de l’aide en Colombie

Appuyer la gestion de l’aide au Rwanda

Appuyer la budgétisation nationale en RDC

Rapport de situation sur l’IITA pour le 4e Forum de haut niveau pour l’efficacité de l’aide, novembre 2011

IITA – Améliorer l’accès aux données sur l’aide et leur utilisation


Apoyar la transparencia de la ayuda 

Control del impacto de la ayuda en Colombia

Apoyo a la gestión de la ayuda en Rwanda

Informe sobre los progresos de la IATI para el HLF4. Noviembre de 2011

Apoyo al presupuesto nacional en la República Democrática del Congo

La IATI brinda a los países un mejor acceso y uso de la información sobre la ayuda


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