How IATI differs from other standards


A number of systems and databases for reporting and capturing data on development cooperation already exist. Much information on development cooperation is already available, but can be problematic to use. Data from various sources is often:

  • In different, sometimes incompatible, formats, making it difficult to mash up datasets
  • Difficult to find on various aid management systems
  • Out of date
  • Using inconsistent vocabularies, definitions, and measures
  • Inconsistencies in the way in which elements or fields are being reported or measured
  • Not all accessible from a single source
  • Mostly not forward-looking, reporting past activity only
  • Restricted largely to traditional bilateral and multilateral donors, creating an incomplete picture of development

noun-3702-cc-e1421792513730-450x300IATI has been designed to enable all organisations to:

  • Publish in the same format as other organizations, so datasets from various sources can be easily combined
  • Update their data on a monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly basis, to keep information as current as possible
  • Publish data using a flexible standard, regardless of the kind of development cooperation provider
  • Publish in one central location. The IATI Registry provides links to the data published by all organisations using the IATI Standard
  • Provide, where possible, forward-looking information, enabling developing country governments to plan and budget more clearly and comprehensively
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