Why aid transparency matters

noun-9006-cc-e1421792756535-450x446Over the past few years, a rise in global and national initiatives indicates greater demand for transparency and access to more data from a range of stakeholders, both in developing and donor countries.

Discussions around the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals highlight that improved access to information frameworks at the national level will enable individuals to hold leaders and development actors accountable.

Development agencies are focusing their attention on incorporating beneficiary feedback mechanisms more effectively into their work. Improved data provision and data sharing mechanisms are an essential element of the feedback process.

IATI opens up development to all stakeholders of development cooperation, which maximises the impact of cooperation on the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

More widespread availability of information is an essential building block towards empowering citizens, governments and donors to collaborate and maximise development impact.

Several donors have included implementing IATI as part of the commitments under the Open Government Partnership, an international initiative that seeks to promote transparency and empower citizens.


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