IATI Annual Report 2015

"Over the coming years, developing countries and their development partners, including civil society, must work closely together to promote greater use of data at country level, so that they can benefit from the rich source of data published to the IATI Standard."

Helen Clark

Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Growth in organisations publishing IATI data


"The key to the sustainability of IATI lies in recipient countries’ willingness to use the data in their day-to-day aid management. There is no greater incentive for donors to publish high-quality IATI data than seeing their data being used in public reports, coordination and planning."

Mohammad Mejbahuddin

Vice Chair of the IATI Steering Committee and Senior Secretary, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh

Improving Data Quality and Usage

"Transparency is a key driver of development and it is my belief that transparent and timely data on development cooperation not only gives a clearer picture of the resources available but also how public finances could be complemented to achieve optimal results."

Hon. Seth Terkper

Minister of Finance, Ghana

US$78 billion

has been reported to IATI this year (2015 disbursements and expenditure up to 30 October 2015). Of this:

80% (US$63bn)

is from publishers updating their data at least quarterly.

41% (US$32bn)

is from publishers updating their data at least monthly.

Timeliness of IATI data publication (US$)


Key Achievements

Jan 14

France Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Development publishes
First organisation in Zimbabwe publishes

Feb 14

Yemen joins IATI Steering Committee
PwC publishes

Mar 14

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation publishes

April 14

Adaptation Fund publishes
d-portal launch
IATI at the Global Partnership High Level Meeting, Mexico City

May 14

v1.04 of the IATI Standard launched
Oxfam Novib publishes

Jun 14

Myanmar joins IATI Steering Committee
IATI at the Emerging Donors Conference, Istanbul
250 publishers
UN-OCHA publishes
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) publishes

Jul 14

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) publishes

Aug 14

AidData publishes
Dashboard launched
DFIs best practice agreed

Sept 14

First organisation in Tanzania publishes
200th NGO publishes
European Investment Bank (EIB) publishes

Oct 14

Development Gateway joins IATI Steering Committee
Speakers' Kit launched

Nov 14

First organisation in Ghana publishes

Dec 14

Belgium Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation publishes

Jan 15

300 publishers
v2.01 of the IATI Standard launched

Mar 15

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) publishes
Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) publishes
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) publishes
IATI data use at country level workshop, Accra

April 15

France Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) publishes
Nigeria joins IATI Steering Committee

May 15

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) publishes
Catalpa joins IATI Steering Committee
First organisation in Mozambique publishes

Jun 15

Burundi joins IATI Steering Committee
Cordaid joins IATI Steering Committee

Jul 15

Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes
250th NGO publishes
IATI namechecked in Financing for Development outcome document
Benin joins IATI Steering Committee

Aug 15

Lithuania Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes

Sept 15

IATI joins Joined-up Data Alliance
350 publishers

Oct 15

OGP, Mexico City - IATI participates in Joined-up Data session