IATI Governance

New IATI Governance arrangements

IATI’s Governance processes are outlined here:

IATI Governance Diagram Feb 2016_FINAL

Members’ Assembly
IATI’s Members’ Assembly is formed of all members of IATI and has final approval on strategic decisions, including recommendations relating to the budget and work plan received from the Governing Board. Representatives of the Governing Board elect the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Members’ Assembly, who also chair the Governing Board.

For more information see our Members’ Assembly section and the Terms of Reference document.  

Governing Board
The Governing Board is made up of seven representatives. The role of the Governing Board is to present options and make recommendations on IATI’s overall strategic direction to the Members’ Assembly, oversee the institutional performance of the initiative and ensure that IATI operates effectively according to its mission, vision, and values, as determined by its members.

For more information see our Governing Board section and the Terms of Reference document.  

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
The TAG is a multi-stakeholder community of publishers, developers, data users and transparency advocates. The TAG chair represents the TAG Community on the Governing Board.

More information on the TAG.

As of September 2013, IATI is administered by a Secretariat, comprising five organisations. This consortium manages the day to day running of IATI, provides support and is accountable to the Members’ Assembly, Governing Board and TAG.

More information on the Secretariat.

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