IATI’s Funding Model

IATI is financed through a combination of membership fees and voluntary contributions, an approach endorsed by members of the former Steering Committee in 2013. All fees and contributions are allocated to a pool of resources that can be used to fund any activity falling within the programme of work approved by IATI’s membership through the Governing Board and Members’ Assembly.

As a multi-stakeholder initiative, there are three categories of IATI membership:

  • Providers of development cooperation (including government donors, multilateral institutions, philanthropic foundations and providers of South-South Cooperation)
  • Partner countries
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other organisations (including research and technical organisations)

70% of the annual budget is financed through membership fees from development cooperation providers. The remaining 30%, and any funding gap, is covered by a combination of partner country and CSO membership fees and voluntary contributions from any member category.

IATI's Funding Model










Full details of the funding model are set out in the Standard Operating Procedures.

Management of IATI Finances

In its role as trustee within the Secretariat, UNOPS has full fiduciary responsibility and accountability for the receipt custody and disbursement of all contributions provided by members and donors.

UNOPS provides annual certified financial statements regarding the financial situation of IATI. It also provides interim financial statements and updates regarding funds received to the membership at Steering Committee meetings and as part of the IATI Annual Report.

IATI Budget

The following documents provide information on the IATI budget and outputs:

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