As of September 2013, IATI is administered by a Secretariat, comprising the following organisations and individuals. The selection of this consortium to manage the day to day running of IATI followed a competitive selection process undertaken by a sub-group of the former Steering Committee.

OrganisationSecretariat member 
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Head of the SecretariatAP_Twitter_smallAnnelise Parr, IATI Coordinator
Annelise is experienced at providing policy advice to national governments on establishing and managing aid information management systems. She coordinates the work of the IATI Secretariat on behalf of UNDP.
Yuko Suzuki Naab, Policy Advisor/Team Leader, Bureau for Development Policy
Yuko provides strategic guidance and oversight for the UNDP team that leads the IATI hosting work. She holds a key position within the Global Partnership Joint Secretariat so is able to ensure IATI coherence with the Global Partnership activities, and with other relevant transparency and development cooperation stakeholders.
Ghana - Outreach to partner countries[awaiting picture]Gladys Ghartey, Head, UN System Unit, Ministry of Finance, Ghana
Partner Country outreach
Sweden - Outreach to donor countries[awaiting picture]Johanna Teague, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Carl Elmstam, Transparency Manager, Communications, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Carl leads the work of SIDA as n IATI publisher, and the development of the platform. He is also part of the Swedish efforts in the IATI Secretariat, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focusing on engagement and outreach to other donors.
United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) - Finance, logistics and reportingArgjira Belegu-Shuku, Project Manager, Global Partner Services Office
Agjira has over 14 years of experience supporting the administrative, financial and operational needs of UN, EU and Global Fund programmes. She joined the UNOPS Kosovo team in 2001 and since 2005 has supported the financial aspects of local fund agent services in the country. Argjira manages the financial and logistical needs of the Secretariat.
Cillian O'Caithail, Communications and Transparency Officer
Cillian joined the UNOPS Communications team in 2009. Since then he has worked on UNOPS implementation of the IATI standard, the creation and deployment of and is the UNOPS focal point for transparency related matters. Cillian will provide operational support to UNOPS responsibilities within the Secretariat.
Hannah Milde, Transparency and Communications Analyst
Hannah joined UNOPS in 2013 after pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Development. Being part of the Communications and Partnerships team at UNOPS HQ, she is working on UNOPS implementation of the IATI standard, the maintenance of and assists with transparency related matters. Hannah has been part of the Secretariat since September 2013, providing operational and logistical support to UNOPS responsibilities within the Secretariat.
Development Initiatives - Technical lead and outreach to CSOs and non-traditional donorsBill Anderson, Data Standards and Systems Advisor
Bill is the technical lead for IATI, responsible for the technical integrity of the standard, for ongoing improvements to the standard, and third line support to publishers.
Carolyn Culey, Senior Policy Advisor
Carolyn has been a member of the IATI Secretariat from the outset. She continues to support the Secretariat’s outreach and communications work, as well as engagement with existing stakeholders.
Joni Hillman, Aid Transparency Programme Manager
Joni leads DI’s work on aid transparency and works to ensure that all publishers are able to access appropriate tools, resources and support from the technical team to publish good quality IATI data and that the IATI standard evolves to meet the needs of publishers and users of the data.
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