IATI Members’ Assembly 2018 papers updated

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IATI’s Annual Members’ Assembly takes place this week at UN City, Copenhagen (10-11 July 2018). Government and multilateral donors, partner countries, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and private sector organisations will participate in a two-day meeting to set future priorities for the initiative.

Members’ Assembly 2018 papers – updated

Paper # Paper (EN)Paper (FR)
Paper A MA 2018 Agenda - updatedordre du jour-assemblée des membres 2018 révisé
Paper BProposal on deprecation of Version 1 of the IATI Standarddélaisser v.1 da la norme IITA
Paper CIATI Technical Priorities - updatedpriorités techniques de l'IITA - révisé
Paper DRaising the value proposition of IATI membershipproposition de valoriser l'adhésion à IITA
Paper EOutreach and Engagement Prioritiesintervention et priorités d'engagement
Paper F1IATI Insititutional Review - Final Report - 18 June 2018IATI_Final Report - Universalia 18 June 2018_FR
Paper F2Recommendations on IATI's Institutional Arrangements-
Paper F3IATI TORS - Independent Consultant (FINAL)-
Paper F4 ToR Working Group Institutional Arrangements Dec 2017 FINAL-
Paper G1Financial Overview - All years FY201318aperçu financier - exercices financiers 2013_18
Paper G2Financial Overview Year 5aperçu financier année 5
Paper G3IATI Y6 budget and workplan 25 June 2018-
Paper G4Contributions of Members all years to May 2018-
Paper G5Certified Financial Statement 2017-
Paper G6Interim Financial statement 2018-
Paper G7Report on workplan implementation Y5-


For more information on the meeting, see IATI’s Members’ Assembly 2018 section.

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