IATI Speakers’ Kit – tools and presentations in your language

This set of presentation materials – available below in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian – aims to make it easy to explain and promote IATI to a range of audiences. The texts and tools below can be adjusted to fit various contexts, timeframes, and degrees of familiarity with the transparency movement in development cooperation.


The IATI Speakers’ Kit includes:

  • A  general introduction to IATI in a scripted PowerPoint presentation;
  • A technical overview scripted PowerPoint presentation, primarily intended for publishers (these are also viewable as IATI Videos);
  • A set of speaking notes, with guidance for presenting IATI in formats ranging from one-line elevator pitches to more comprehensive presentations;
  • A two page introduction  to IATI, with illustrations and updating guidelines; and
  • Answers to FAQs.

You can download IATI Speakers’ Kit materials in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian using the links below:

General introduction (scripted presentation) EN FR RU
Technical overview (scripted presentation) EN FR
Speaking notes EN FR ES AR RU
Two-page introduction EN FR ES AR RU

IATI has a high rate of change. With new publishers almost every week, and data the changes daily, some of the charts and figures in the documents above are likely to become outdated. To help with this we have a publicly viewable Google Sheet which includes some fairly up-to-date figures and charts. These can be used to edit the documents above to make them as accurate as possible (the Google Sheet can’t itself be edited, but can be downloaded as an Excel document).

Questions, comments or updates you’d like to see included? Tell us about it here.


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